Construction and delivery are tasks that can be easily handled by a numerous number of engineering professionals, but when it comes to major projects, involving huge investment and time constraints, only experts can take command.

CAPRIOLE provides answers for all possible questions in the area of building construction. Extending beyond the traditional turn-key concept, capriole handles the project from day zero, detailed plans are developed that secure optimum resource allocation, pressure-free cash flows and flexible time-performance lines. Whilst being experts in the contracting field Capriole maintains a controlling command on the project through periodic performance indicators and a variety of preventive and correctional measures throughout the project implementation. Such world class models are closely monitored by CAPRIOLE technical staff and their rich history in successful engineering and construction projects.

Capriole advantage also lies in its ability to bring solutions to the client’s requirements in all phases of project planning and execution.

CAPRIOLE offers full contracting services and has the flexibility to assist the client by securing additional expertise for feasibility studies, preliminary designs, financing opportunities and joint venture partners for optimum project delivery.


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Steel Structure Buildings

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In the steel structure field CAPRIOLE focus on meeting the needs of our customers for durable, affordable and versatile steel structures. After many years in business, our customers remain our first priority. Every building that we build and deliver is created with the satisfaction of the future occupants and owners in mind. Our experience in the steel building of all types allows us to handle any type of steel structure projects including buildings, warehouses, silos, etc.

Ammunition Stores (Ecam System)

Capriole Construction Co. L.L.C. is the sole agent of the Earth Covered Ammunition/Explosives Magazine (ECAM) in UAE which has been designed as per Design Codes of the United States Department of Defense 6055.9 DOD Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standard (August 21, 2009) & specifications of the COMMAND OF MILITARY WORKS – UAE ARMED FORCES. ECAM system has been approved by the UAE military forces (C.M.W) and hence many projects have been awarded to Capriole as nominated supplier and erector of the system.

STRUCTURE GEOMETRY Internal Area Projection of Building on Plan=23.06×15.60m. Internal Clear Height of Center Line of Store = 6.15m. The Roof Shall Have Arch Shape with Internal Clear Span = 23.00m.
PRIMARY PURPOSE Is to protect adjacent personnel & facilities. CAPECAM must not collapse, although substantial permanent deformation may occur. Protection against explosion propagation between adjacent buildings and protection of personnel against death or serious injury from incidents in adjacent buildings are fundamental design concepts for magazines.
DESIGN STRUCTURAL & BLAST Qualify for the default Inter Magazine Design (IMD) by international standards. Designed for storage of up to 168,000 (lbs) NEW (NET EQUIVQLENT WEIGHT) [75,000 kg] of HD 1.1., Blast loads: on the head wall and door: 7-Bar Triangular pulse with peak overpressure of 101.5 (psi) & impulse of 13.9 W 1/3 (psi-ms).
DESIGN CODES United States Department of Defense 6055.9 DOD Ammunition and Explosives Safety Standards (August 21, 2009). NATO AASTP-1 Manual of NATO Safety Principles for the Storage of Military Ammunition and Explosives (May 2006).
CONCRETE ARCH & FOUNDATION Foundation design method statement and arch connection based on PIN TO PIN method which help in stabilizing the earth cover in place & not a mass concrete theory as RC BOX system. Capable of supporting construction equipment equivalent to 15 (kpa) over 10 (sq, m) on 300 (mm) of fill. The design working pressure for foundations for the ECM structures is 110 kpa. Construction Joints Saw cut joints, green keyed joints are designed & Rectified as per the blast engineering calculations. Waterproofing method statement: foundation & floor slab a full system 4mm thickness with the protective screed of 5cm over it.
HARD STANDING FLOOR SLAB Concrete Hard Standing Floor Slab Steel Reinforced with BRC Mesh, SRC Cement Type + FIBER+ Hardener. [Concrete to be Laid & Compacted by Properly Application of Surface Hardener after the Base Concrete has Stiffened, the 1st Application is Broadcasted at an Even Rate of 2 kg/m2 when the Material becomes Uniformly Dark by the Absorption of Moisture from the Base Concrete it can be Trowel, Apply immediately after Trowel 2nd Stage of Floor Hardener at a Rate of 2 kg/m2 & Trowel.) Final Finishing by Hand Trowel & Power Float Machine. Heavy Duty Dust Proof Hardener Industrial Epoxy for Floors & 75 mm wide Full Gloss White Paving Paint Line
EARTH COVER Earth fill shall be cohesion less material and free from harmful (toxic) matter, trash, debris, and stones heavier than 4.54 kg or larger than 150 mm in diameter. The larger of acceptable stones shall be limited to the lower center of fills and shall not be used for earth cover over ECAM. The earth material shall be compacted and prepared, as necessary, for structural integrity and erosion control. The earth cover over ECAM shall be finished with a Geo-textile fabric or other suitable material that will ensure structural integrity. A minimum of 610 mm of earth cover shall be maintained over the top of the ECAM.
FEATURES Wonder Building Steel panels forming the steel arch fully manufactured in the United States of America by AMERICAN SHELTERS TECHNOLOGY (AST). Wonder Building steel panels; pre-engineered, pre-fabricated & modular component (0.61 m) wide x (2.14 m) long double – corrugated galvanized individual steel panels nest on wood skids for shipping. The double – corrugated round panels boast an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, the strength of the steel arch comes from the round shape of the panel & the heavy gauge of the steel.
STRENGTH & QUALITY Bolted connections add to the strength and durability of the panel. Strength is in the Round shape of the panel and the gauge of the steel, not in a composite structure. The structure is Rust Resistant & Leak-proof. Meets both NATO & DOD requirements for spall protection (a “spall” is defined as the material broken loose from any surface of a cell by a shock/ blast wave transmitted through the wall). For military hardened shelters, spall protection is essential. Otherwise, damage to the concrete can penetrate shelter damaging aircraft, equipment and personnel or it can penetrate the ammunition shelter inciting an ammunition explosion that shelter.
DURABILITY The only fully tested Arch Building System by Independent laboratories including: UCLA. MIT. Texas Tech University Wind Engineering Laboratory University of Toronto. University of New Mexico Engineering Laboratory. United States Air Force Special Weapons Testing Laboratory. Boeing Aerospace.
PROVEN TRACK RECORD Have been through full HAS (Hardened Aircraft Shelter) and Ammunition Shelter Testing from the full-scale China Lake (ESKIMO) testing to the most recent US DOD testing on one-third and one-quarter scale models. Aircraft Shelters and Ammunition Shelters meet NATO and US Department of Defense design criteria. The only arch building system to be successfully tested by the United States Military for 7-bar Ammunition Shelters and Hardened Aircraft Shelters. The only arch building system to successfully pass the TORNADIC missile impact test by Texas Tech University Wind Engineering Laboratory. Shelters supplied to US and International Militaries for over 60 years. Approved Shelter Supplier for every branch of the US Military. US Antarctic Program Approved Shelter Supplier. US Department of Energy (DOE) Shelter Supplier. NATO Approved Hardened Aircraft Shelter Supplier. Wonder Building is the ONLY building system to provide Protective Shelter on every Continent. Full scale tests as Donor and Receptor Shelters on Ammo shelters. Full, Quarter, and Third Scale Tests on Hardened Shelters. Project 1597, US Air Force Weapons Testing Laboratory. ESKIMO Series of Tests for Ammunition Shelters (1971-1985). ASUP Tests, Hill Air Force Base, Utah. ASET/Distant Runner Tests by US Air Force (1979-1982). New Mexico Engineering Laboratory Testing. 1950s-1960s—Fallout and Civilian Shelter Development with US Government. 1960s-US Air Force Protective Shelter Development Program for Southeast Asian Installations. 1960s-1990s—US Navy Earth Covered Magazine Development. 1960s-1970s—First, Second and Third Generation NATO Shelters. 1980s-1990s—Direct Attack Shelters
for USACE/Egyptian Air Force.
SELECTED LIST OF U.S. MILITARY USERS Naval Air Propulsion Center, New Jersey. U.S. Air Force Test And Training Range, Utah. Lexington-Blue Grass Army Depot, Kentucky. Naval Weapons Center, California. Naval Transmitter Station, Rhode Island. Naval Submarine Support Facility California. Naval Air Engineering Center, New Jersey. Naval Air Station, Louisiana. Naval Special Warfare Group, South America. Mare Island Naval Shipyard, California. Kilauea Military Camp, Hawaii. Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers, Transatlantic Division (Including Peace Vector Iv Projects). U.S. Naval Shipyard, Washington. Naval Air Station, Florida. Long Beach Naval Shipyard, California. Naval Battalion Center, Mississippi. Cecil Field Naval Air Station, Florida. Luke Air Force Base, Arizona. Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Wright –Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico. Air Force Special Weapons Center, New Mexico. Homestead Air Force Base, Florida.